Personal Security Sweeps

Private security provides bug sweeps; bug detection & listening devices detection services. We will bug sweep your office or home for the detection of electronic eavesdropping & listening devices detection using State of Art equipment.

We provide TSCM & Bug Detection Services, Surveillance Investigations, Factual Investigations & Cell Phone Forensics in Melbourne. Contact us for a free consultation in Melbourne. Lynch We deploy our Melbourne Private Investigators to city, state & international locations. TSCM Debugging Investigations are conducted using CPM700 Deluxe & Spectrum Analyser in Melbourne.

TSCM Debugging Investigations are conducted in VIC, NSW & ACT. Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Services involve acquisition & examining with Digital Forensic Tools. Factual Investigations Services are provided for all civil & criminal matters. Lynch Investigations & Countermeasures Pty Ltd’s Private Investigators & Commercial Agents service NSW, VIC & ACT. The business specialises in providing Surveillance Investigation, TSCM, Bug Sweeps, Cell Phone Forensics & Factual Investigation. Lynch Investigations & Countermeasures Pty Ltd can be contacted for a free consultation about Bug Sweep Services & Investigation Services at any time.

If you are looking for quality Surveillance Investigation, thorough Listening Devices Detection, Bug Sweeps or technically advanced & qualified technicians please call by telephone or email us. Lynch Investigations & Countermeasures Pty. Ltd. will ensure that you are serviced ethically & professionally. Private Investigator – Licenced – Private Investigators are online now. Resources are available now & private investigators are ready to take your call or answer your email.