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It’s becoming terrifying knowing that someone from a remote computer can eavesdrop on your computer by tapping into your computer’s microphone with software programs available online.

Some Communications Authorities and Security Agencies are discussing drawing up security recommendations after internet experts found that notebook computers with internal microphones are vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping.

There have been discussions about having switches installed on manufactured notebooks to enable a computer’s microphone to be turned on and off as needed to prevent eavesdropping of computers in an office, home or of a mobile computer user.

A simple process can be applied to prevent an eavesdropper tapping into your computer’s microphone using remote computer microphone eavesdropping software.

If your current computer doesn’t have an external switch to turn off the computer’s microphone, you can place a 3.5mm pin, or audio jack etc.. into the microphone pin socket on the computer, to disable the computer’s microphone from picking up audio sound from around the computer.

The 3.5mm pin or audio jack shouldn’t have a wire terminating to a device but any wire should be trimmed right at the end of the 3.5mm pin or audio jack body, leaving the 3.5mm pin or audio jack to measure approximately 30mm to 40mm in length.

You may find that you have to source a suitably sized pin or audio jack to fit the correct size of the computer’s microphone socket, although 3.5mm is a common size.

Please view the program called SpyOn Voice that is used to eavesdrop on computer operators by clicking on the website link below.