Secure File Transfer Encryption

What Is File Encryption

On a daily basis, thousands of megabytes of information are monitored, harvested and stolen and this is one of the mains reasons why it’s so important to protect a user when they are online. If this information should fall into the wrong hands, then there’s no telling how much damage could ensue – in fact even the largest companies like Sony and EBay have fallen prey to these types of unsavoury events.


Unfortunately, there are times where these events involve hackers develop particularly nasty pieces of software – especially those that are developed for data theft. This software can be used to swipe, harvest and collate data as we browse. Every day, countless gigabytes of information is transferred around the internet and although most will be unimportant pieces of code, there are other types that can be used for criminal purposes.

Gone are the days where the only way to transfer data from one location to another would require expensive tools and hardware; these days, the web makes it easy to share, send and receive files of all sizes at the click of a button.

What’s the best way to protect yourself from data leakage?

There are numerous pieces of software that can help to mask an internet user’s browsing habits, such as VPN systems. Security companies are always coming up with new ways to protect their customers, so investing in their services can help – especially if they offer Virtual Private Networks that can help to scramble data and make it all but impossible for third parties to track information.